A quick look at some of the tools I’ve worked on. I have a few more nodes I need to demo as well.


Mir is an alien diamond miner who just wants to live in peace. His workplace is too loud and stressful so he decides to take his chances and embark on a a quest to find peace and quiet. This is the final project of my year at the Vancouver Film School. Plugin

Here’s a demo of my MathNode plugin. The node gives the user ten input attributes that can then be used in an equation. The node makes use of the python math module, so the user can use any of the predefined python math functions or variables.
Click to view.



The illustration was originally going to be of a monster tearing up a city. I began the model in ZBrush then decided scary things are overrated, so I twisted the idea to make it humorous. I rendered all the passes in ZBrush then combined them in Photoshop. This illustration was featured in the August 2011 issue of 3DCreative Magazine.


Mercedes-Benz 540K

I modeled this Mercedes-Benz 540K using some good blueprints for it online. I worked in Maya and rendered all the passes using Mental Ray. This was a fun project that allowed me to experiment with the default mia_material_x shader as well as 32-bit OpenEXR files and with using a linear workflow. Digital-Tutors helped a lot when I was stumped. I also used sIBL GUI4 which is a great program that allows you to quickly switch between different environments.