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Hello – I’m John-Mark. Thanks for stopping by.

When I was eleven years old, I watched the making of Shrek and my mind was blown as I realized that normal people get to make movies for a living. My mind was even further blown when I became one of them.

I am now working in Hybride Montreal as a Senior Rigging Artist, making pretty pictures and getting a serious kick out of developing solutions to complex technical problems.

Want to know more – or just have a chat about cool 3D stuff? Feel free to shoot me an email. Cheers!


[email protected]






Featured In


Ah yes – my short film.

This is a few years old now, but I’m still proud of it. It’s the final project of my year at the Vancouver Film School. I did everything except the sound edit. It was a lot work and a lot of fun.

TIRCLE File Format

A quick demo of the theory behind the Tircle file format.
The main concept being that each triangle of a mesh can be converted to a sphere that encompaces each point of the triangle. These spheres are then saved in the tircle file. When loaded back in, each vertex is recomputed using trilateration.



This began as a ZBrush sculpt of a monster tearing up a city, then I decided scary things are overrated. I rendered all the passes in ZBrush then combined them in Photoshop. This illustration was featured in the August 2011 issue of 3DCreative Magazine.


Mercedes-Benz 540K

I modeled this Mercedes-Benz 540K using some good blueprints for it online. I worked in Maya and rendered all the passes using Mental Ray. This was a fun project that allowed me to experiment with the default mia_material_x shader as well as 32-bit OpenEXR files and with using a linear workflow.


This was an assignment from my time at JBU. I had to make a series of advertisements for any event. After some searching, I found the Great Falls Balloon Festival. The event really inspired me and the existing  advertisements weren’t as fun and colorful as I would have liked.  I started to picture lots of multicolored balloons in various sizes floating across the sky, and found myself sketching out ideas and researching the event. The project was completed in Illustrator.


While working at New Creature, I designed a number of displays and marketing solutions for many Fortune 500 companies. Including Sony, Bayer, Disney, Lionsgate,  and many more.



The goal for this project was to invent a competitor for Starbucks. I fabricated a story about a small village in the Congo named Moanda, I then created the brand identity based on that story. The project also involved creating dry and wet packaging for the company. I used Photoshop and Illustrator for the design work, and Maya for rendering.


The assignment was to create a viewbook for a vehicle of our choice. I art directed the photoshoots and edited the images. This isn’t the full book, but here are some of the pages.


I’ve designed a number of presentation slides for my church. I enjoy these tasks as typically I know what the speaker wants. In this instance I know he just wanted an anchor, but I try to find the non-obvious solutions.