Python Scripts

IK FK Limb Rigger

This script creates a fully rigged limb with IK and FK functionality including stretch options. The script does not generate any controllers, they have to be specified. Useful for rigging legs and arms, can also be used for fingers.
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Import Video Reference

I wrote this script to speed up importing animation references into Maya. Feel free to use it and let me know if you have questions or comments.
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Auto-Rigger Work In Progress

I am currently working on this biped auto-rigger which uses the position of a controller to find it’s corresponding joint.

Finger Rigger

This finger rigger is a part of the auto-rigger that I am working on. It allows me to rig fingers very quickly.

MEL Scripts

JM Tools V3

This is a quick look at some of the tools I use every day that I’ve combined into one interface.

Animator’s Friend

This script mirrors motion from one side of a character to the other with a defined offset. Saves a lot of time when making walk/run cycles.

Control Curve on CV

Click to download from Dropbox.
This script allows you to quickly create control curves on the CVs of any other curve. This is useful when creating curve based facial rigs.